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Stella Please

Why is Stella Please needed now more than ever?

With 700% YOY increase in hospitality staff vacancies, we know you must be feeling the added pressure of being short staffed, and after a while it takes its toll.

And with 40% of hospitality staff looking to different industries, we know we need to do something now to empower you all and give reassurance that there is support out there for you.

That why we’ve teamed up with Hospitality Action the UK's leading hospitality charity to ensure the beating hearts of our industry (YES YOU) have the support you need when you’re down on your luck.

What's it all About?

Stella Please is a trade focused campaign aiming to provide further support to the beating hearts of our industry, the day-in-day-outers, the ones that don’t get thanked enough.

We want to help grow the safety net that catches hospitality staff when they are down on their luck.  

By donating and spreading awareness of support networks and safety nets - but also driving positive sentiment with consumers - we hope to make hospitality staff feel empowered again. 

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The Nitty Gritty on How it Works

For every Stella Artois that is purchased, 10p is donated to Hospitality Action. Whether someone says please or not, 10p is still donated – but let’s not tell the consumer that!

Our goal with the campaign is to make consumers more aware of the difficulties faced in our industry, making them more polite and kind to hospitality.

And if not, you can kindly show them the campaign with your lanyard!


How Stella Please will offer Support

Stella please is running in 4000 venues across the UK.

Once the total donation reaches £150,000, the campaign ends.

This donation will pay for 300 x £500 food and fuel grants, provided to hospitality families who are feeling the pinch. 

We want to be a safety net with practical support that will make a difference.


Get Properly Kitted Out

To help you generate excitement with your team, you’ll receive a POS activation kit that includes:

375x Coasters
100x Table Talkers
40x Lanyard & Card
20x Badges
1x Font Dangler
5x Posters (A3)
2x Staffroom Stickers
20x Staff Awareness Leaflets
10x Social Media Assets 

Weekly Prizes up for Grabs

We will be rewarding the highest uplift in sales and also the submission of great entries to the weekly competitions. Some prizes are small and some are massive!!

Prizes include:

  • High street vouchers
  • Stella Artois Stock delivered to your personal address
  • Premier League football tickets
  • And more!

We launch on the 4th of April UK wide. This is the first day of tracked sales. Also, don’t worry you do not need to submit sales, we will be tracking these regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Stella Please start?

We kick off on Monday the 4th of April.

When will I receive my POS activation kit?
Kits are being sent out in the week commencing the 28th of March.

I've received my kit. What am I signing up for?
If you've scanned the QR code on the white paper in the box and arrived here… Welcome!

This page gives an overview of the campaign and is also being used in external comms to drive additional sign ups and awareness.

This is not the campaign website.

There is a sticker on top of every kit sent out. That sticker prompts you to sign up to ensure your account and staff will benefit from the prizes and get updates on the donation so far. Please note - we strongly advise to have your staff sign up as well...
The more staff signed up, the more entries you generate and the more prizes you stand to win for your team.

Want to go back to the sign up page? Here you go…

I didn’t receive my kit?
Oh dear! So sorry to hear that. Pop us a line with your details in the contact form at the bottom of the page and we’ll be all over it for you.

How do my customers donate?
Your POS activation kit will include merchandise with QR codes that will direct your customers to how they can donate.

When will the campaign end?
When we’ve smashed the £150k target – which we predict will take around 7 weeks. So, until the 23rd of May or thereabouts.

How many venues are taking part?
We are proud to have 4000 venues encouraging their customers to order a Stella, Please.

Can I join Stella Please or is it too late?
There is still time to participate. But you need to be quick! Drop us a line in the form below and we’ll connect you with an account manager who can help to facilitate your set up.

How can we help you?

Would you like your venue to participate in Stella Please? Need more info? Whatever your query - drop us a line and we'll do our best to support you.