Paradise, best served with Lime


Corona is the #1 world bottle in the on trade, growing by 7.8% year-on-year.


Corona has a higher RSP (£5.15) and adds more cash in the till then competitors (Peroni £5.01, Birra Moretti £4.58, Estrella £4.73).

1 in 3

A third of the UK state that Corona is a brand that 'they love'.


Born in Mexico and brought up on the beach, with a golden colour, light refreshing flavour and iconic hand painted bottle, topped off with a freshly squeezed lime. With a vast majority of our lives spent inside, we believe that it’s outside where our best side shines through, that life is better lived with sand between our toes. When the living is easy, the beer is Corona.

Brand Values

Corona was born at the beach, surrounded by ocean. But today, that home is in grave danger from plastic. That’s why we have teamed up with Parley for the Oceans to protect 100 islands by 2020. In 2019 alone we cleaned 5.3 million square metres of the UK shoreline.


Alongside the iconic Corona bottle, the Corona experience is now available on draught, allowing more drinkers to enjoy this much-loved beer in more occasions. In fact, two out of three drinkers only consume beer on draught.

Available Point of Sale

*subject to allocation and availability

Draught Assets

Source:CGA Data Dec 2019, Kantar, Brand Equity Tracking, 2019.

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