Loved in Spain, Renowned Worldwide


Best selling

Mahou is the #1 best selling beer in Spain, an icon of Spanish culture and lifestyle.


Strong share gain

For an outlet with up to 4 different SP world lager brands. 


More spend

Mahou consumers drink +12% more than world lager consumers and spend +14%.


Born in Madrid in 1890, Mahou was named after its founder and has passed on through seven generations of passionate Master Brewers.

Mahou Cinco Estrellas is the flagship of the family, the highest expression of brewing excellence and an icon of Spanish culture and lifestyle.

Brand Values

Mahou origin represents what we stand for: an unmistakable Five Star Taste, as a result of the tireless effort of Master Brewers.

Ingredients, brewing process and pouring are controlled to the maximum detail to deliver a perfectly balanced, full-bodied and refreshing lager.

Loved in Spain, renowned worldwide.


Quality is also result of a unique Master Serve, called Maestria. Mahou beers use a 3-way tap that creates a soft, compact and creamy foam.

This cream acts as a lid to prevent the beer coming into contact with the air to maintain the Five Star taste until the very last drop.

This pour is not just a signifier of identity for Mahou, but also an icon of the Madrid lifestyle: the “cañas”.

Available Point of Sale

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