Orchard Pig

Rooted in Somerset


Consideration and recommendation orang apple cider brand.*


Value sales growth MAT (Moving annual total).


Average price per pint of £4.14 (+26.6% higher than the market leader).


Orchard Pig started back in the noughties when Andrew Quinlan began dabbling with cider making in his garden shed back in 2004 in Somerset.

Brand Values

Orchard Pig Reveller is a crisp, refreshing and lightly sparkling cider with a hearty aroma of west country apples and a tangy note of freshly squeezed apples. With its mantra of ‘go pig or go home’, a cheeky tone of voice and a series of guerrilla marketing tactics, Orchard Pig is proud to disrupt the cider market.


Orchard Pig is a scrumptious cider that broke the mould in a traditional-led market. They have a motto of ‘no apples and no trees’, instead focusing on creating a bold, mischievous brand like no other... that is all about the cider.


Meatless Farm

Orchard Pig has partnered with the Meatless Farm Co.

Available Point of Sale

*subject to allocation and availability

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