Perfect Bar


These are generally drink-orientated outlets focused on lager and ale. Classic draught is central to the range of brands it stocks, but trade up options are also customary.


Classic lagers may well be absent as premium 4% lagers start the beer range. Premium, super-premium lager and craft beer play a large part in the range and all have good throughputs. These outlets tend to enjoy a greater mix of drink and food-led drinking occasions.

Super Premium

These outlets offer a mix of continental premium lager and craft beer. High-end cocktail bars often fit well here.

Outlet Type

Drink-Led Venues

For local bars, the range will follow the ‘classic’ draught line up. Cocktail bars are more likely to follow the ‘premium’ or ‘super-premium’ line up.

Food-Led Venues

Consider what beverages pair well with your menu. Casual dining venues tend to stock Budweiser. For gastro pubs, craft brands sell well.

Entertainment Venues

For sports bars, think about the brands who sponsors sports as consumers will be sent subliminal cues while watching.



In cities, the brands at the bar may differ to those in more rural areas. In London, Camden Hells Lager and Camden Pale Ale are popular brands often stocked side by side, resulting in a ‘halo effect’ for publicans’ rate of sale.


If you have an outdoor area at your venue, during nice weather it makes sense to think of ‘sunshine beers’ such as Corona that accomodate the consumer's inclination toward lighter options on these occasions.

Drinker Profile


Tend to prefer session lagers with a lower alcohol content, such as Bud Light.


More mature drinkers favour an ale offering, think Boddingtons or Bass.