Lockdown Roadmap

Are you confused about what restrictions will be lifted and when?

And most importantly how this will impact your venue and affect your consumers? You’re not alone. There is so much information out there, it’s tough to figure it all out!

The government has detailed a roadmap to ease us out of lockdown, with the relevant steps and timings. They’ve also shared the legislation on health protection relating to the restrictions.

We can guide you to everything you need to know to reopen safely.


Wash Hands

Maintain effective sanitisation with clean hands.

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Stay at Home

Avoid contact with others if symptoms develop.

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Adhere to the relevant guidelines for distancing.

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Protect Others

Cover your mouth and nose when necessary.

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Print-Ready Assets

Use our print-ready assets to create posters to share information with your consumers.

Stella Artois

A warm welcome, compliments of Stella Artois.

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Save Pub Life

Issue your invite with The Budweiser Brewing Group.

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3 of the Best

Raise a glass and welcome back three of your favourites.

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