FAQs on COVID-19 Secure Workplace Guidance for Pubs

This document has been produced by BBPA, BII and UKHospitality to provide some additional clarity on key questions from pub operators and licensees. This will evolve as more information becomes available.

The published Government guidance reflects the diversity of pubs in terms of layout and has been designed to be flexible whilst maintaining the safety of your staff and customers.  Ultimately it is the responsibility of the licensee to assess the specific risks of their pub and to ensure an effective action plan is being followed to mitigate the potential risks wherever possible.  This does present an opportunity for pubs to offer a full range of services both within the pub and in their outdoor spaces.  This document attempts to offer some further clarity on key areas whilst respecting that there will not be a single answer for wider questions as that will be dependent upon the specifics of the pub.

The answers below represent our collective opinion and interpretation of the Government’s guidance. It does not constitute a legal opinion.

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