We’ve partnered with Opus Energy to 
provide a discounted green energy tariff for our all on-trade partners.

Simply add at least one new BBG draught brand to your bar to access the Opus Energy Go Green tariff, along with a guaranteed saving on your bill via our Savings Booster incentive.


Customers who currently list BBG products and also those that don’t both qualify for this offer.


In order to receive our market leading discounted tariff with Opus Energy, you will need to install at least one draught product.

Savings Booster

In addition to the market-leading Budweiser Brewing Group x OPUS Energy tariff, customers are eligible for a Savings Booster whereby they earn discounts linked to number of draught products installed:


Add a Draught To Your Bar

Add a draught Budweiser Brewing Group brand to your bar to access the discounted tariff.

Savings Booster Incentive

You can boost your savings (even further) by up to £1440 per year through our Savings Booster incentive!

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What's your current monthly spend?

*Based on 30% discount against the standard renewal price. Includes the Saving Booster Discount after installing 3 new Budweiser Brewing Group brands.


...and they expect businesses to play their part.

73% of consumers say they would definitely or probably change their consumption habits to reduce their impact on the environment.

82% of global consumers aged 21-49 say that it is extremely or very important that companies implement programmes to improve the environment.


Despite the disruption caused by Covid-19, it is vital that businesses continue to do their best for the environment.

According to PWC’s May 2020 Consumer Sentiment tracker, Conscientious Consumerism has become even more prevalent as a result of lockdown and consumers indicate they will shop more ethically in future.


We understand the challenges facing publicans and that’s why it is critical to make green energy available to our customers at the most competitive price.



Daniel Nixon, The Norfolk Lurcher, Norfolk
The Opus Green Energy deals are a huge help for pubs to reduce their operating costs. Overall, the Save Pub Life campaign is a well-thought out and useful set of programmes designed to support pubs when they need it most.”


The initiative taps into the need amongst consumers for businesses to operate more sustainably.

While assisting pub and bar owners in cutting operating costs by reducing their energy bills.

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Founded in 2002 Opus Energy is one of the UK’s leading business energy suppliers. They are part of the Drax Group, the first business in the world to announce its ambition to be carbon negative by 2030.

Opus is a renewable energy provider and our tariff offers 100% renewable electricity.

10% of UK pubs and 368,000 businesses premises already choose Opus as their green energy provider.

Opus are giving their cheapest rate to Budweiser Brewing Group customers.

Frequently Asked Questions Opus Energy

    • This tariff is cheaper than any like-for-like quote you will find on a price comparison website or through an energy broker.

      This may not be cheaper than your current tariff. But will be cheaper than your renewal price or any other provider in the market while shopping around.

    • You’ll need to pay your energy bills via direct debit. If you don’t have a direct debit in place or you cancel it, the tariff price will increase by 7.5%.

      By switching to this tariff you are agreeing to be contacted by Opus and where eligible have a smart meter installed for each fuel Opus supply. Smart meters are the new generation of meter which remove the need for having to read your meter and contact your supplier. This will be installed at no additional cost to you and will continue to work even if you decide to change supplier.

    • You can sign up to this exclusive tariff up to 8 months before your current energy contract ends. We’ll then switch you to the Budweiser Brewing Group tariff at the end of your current contract.

    • Yes. Budweiser Brewing Group draught customers can take advantage of the exclusive renewable energy tariff. However, existing Budweiser Brewing Group customers are not eligible to receive the additional Savings Booster discounts.

    • Yes. You can agree to switch across to the Budweiser Brewing Group tariff at the end of your current fixed term period. This can be done up to 9 months in advance of your current Opus Energy contract end.

    • You’ll be responsible for the renewal of your energy contract with Opus Energy at the end of the fixed term period. If no renewal contract is already agreed, Opus Energy will send you a letter 60 days before your energy contract expires, explaining what to do next. If you take no action, you’ll be moved on to the Opus Energy Monthly Plan product.

    • You are eligible to receive the Savings Booster discounts if you meet the following criteria:

      You have entered into a contract with Opus Energy and remain under electricity supply with Opus Energy. You have installed at least 1 draught product from Budweiser Brewing Group’s selected list (see below), You continue to stock the brand for the duration of your energy contract with Opus Energy. You are within 12 calendar months of the draught product installation date.

      You are not under any debt/fraud/disconnection investigation with Opus Energy.

    • The draught products eligible for this promotion are listed below:

      Budweiser, Stella Artois 4.8%, Bud Light, Camden Hells, Camden Pale Ale, Beck’s, Corona, Goose Island Midway IPA, Goose Island IPA.

    • If you install one of the selected draught products, you will receive: £20 per premises per month.

      Two draught products: £50 per premises per month

      Three draught products: £120 per premises per month.

    • The Savings Booster discount will be paid as a credit line on your monthly energy bill from Opus Energy. The description on your invoice will read ‘Budweiser Renewable Energy Savings Booster Discount’.

    • You will receive the credit for a total of 12 months from the installation of your first draught product. The total Savings Booster discount period remains unchanged even if you add further draught product during those 12 months. Only the amount of the Savings Booster discount will vary.

    • Budweiser Brewing Group and Opus Energy will provide marketing materials (both physical and digital) to help you promote your renewable energy commitments to your customers.

    • You will begin accruing your Savings Booster discount upon the installation of the selected draught products.

      If you have started your Budweiser Renewable Energy Tariff with Opus Energy, you will receive the Savings Booster discount on the first invoice following your installation. If the draught product is installed within 10 days of the next invoice date, the Savings Booster discount may appear on the following month’s invoice.

      If you haven’t started your Budweiser Renewable Energy Tariff with Opus Energy, you will accrue the monthly Savings Booster discount until the start of your energy supply contract (up to a maximum of 8 months). You’ll then receive the accrued Savings Booster discount on your first monthly invoice.

    • Opus Energy will only apply Savings Booster discount once Budweiser Brewing Group have confirmed the draught product installation date and authorised the payment. If for any reason you do not receive your Savings Booster discount as expected, please contact your dedicated Budweiser Brewing Group rep or account manager.

    • The amount of Savings Booster discount available can vary depending on how many draught products you stock. If you cease to stock any of the eligible products, you will no longer receive the Savings Booster discount.

    • Budweiser Brewing Group have the right to notify Opus Energy to cease applying Savings Booster discount, at any point, if your conduct is not deemed appropriate under the conditions of the promotion.

    • Opus Energy will match every unit of electricity they supply to you with a guarantee of origin certificate. Certificates are issued by the energy regulators and given to renewable energy generators to prove each unit of energy they have generated is accounted for.

      To find out more information, please visit:

    • If you want to know more, just use our contact form and you will be contacted by a Budweiser Brewing Group Rep who can answer all your questions. This will not commit you to anything.

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You will be contacted by a Budweiser Brewing Group rep. The rep will go through all of the Opus Energy programme details and guide you through the sign up process.